Twin Buys Houses buys houses in Bywater

Twin Buys Houses buys houses in Bywater.   The Twins were born and raised in New Orleans, so we are familiar with real estate in Bywater.  The Twins are not like one of those outside companies who buys houses in Bywater without ever being in the Paris of the South and having no knowledge about what makes Bywater noteworthy or the true worth of the houses here.  So, before you call an outsider who buys houses in New Orleans, make sure you call someone who understands Bywater first.  Not everyone who buys houses has ever been to Bywater, so you won’t be able to get an honest offer.

Twin Buys Houses in Bywater

If you want to sell your house in Bywater, but you don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on paint, carpet, appliances, bathrooms, and whatever else to make it just right for the first time buyer with unrealistic expectations, call Twin Buys Houses for a fair price.  The Alcorn Twins are from the area, and we have real estate knowledge in all local neighborhoods like Bywater.

Real estate investors with little experience investing in an area protect themselves by low-balling their offer, so that if they make a mistake on the after-repaired-value of the home they buy, they’ll still be able to make money.

Wonderful for them, not so good for you!

Twin Buys Houses possesses the area experience to know what your home in Bywater is valued at, so you always get the best offer first.  We don’t have to lower our price to cover mistakes in after-repaired-value because we have invested here long enough to know exactly what the house should sell for and exactly how much contractors will charge to do all the repairs and upgrades to get the house ready for the retail market.

So, if you own a house in Bywater that you need to sell without doing repairs, and you don’t want to spend the money on repairs but you want to be confident you get the best offer that your property can get in its current condition, contact Twin Buys Houses first.  You’ll get the highest price for your home, and you’ll get a fast easy-peasy process with no inspections or appraisal delays from banks because we pay cash!  Don’t play the games of the “out-of-town investor buys houses in Bywater” who has never even been to New Orleans.  They will not understand Bywater the way we do.

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