Twin Buys Houses buys houses in Mid-City

Twin Buys Houses buys houses in Mid-City.   New Orleans’ original investing twins were born and raised in New Orleans, so we know real estate in Mid-City.  New Orleans’ original investing twins are not like one of those national companies who buys houses in Mid-City without ever being in the neighborhood and having no clue what makes Mid-City notable or the real prices of the homes here.  So, if you need to sell your house fast to someone who buys houses in New Orleans, make sure you call someone who understands Mid-City first.  Not everyone who buys houses knows anything about Mid-City, so you will be lucky to get a reasonable price. get a fair offer.

Twin buys houses in Mid City

If you would like to consider selling your house in Mid-City, but you don’t want to spend six months on making all the changes to make it perfect, call Twin Buys Houses for a fair deal.  The Alcorn Twins understand the area, and we have experience buying in all local neighborhoods like Mid-City.

Real estate investors with very little experience buying homes in an area protect their companies by dropping their offer price, so that if they misjudge the market price of the home they invest in, they’ll still be able to make a profit.

Good for them, bad for you!

Twin Buys Houses has the area experience to know what your home in Mid-City is worth, so you always get the highest offer first.  We don’t have to lower our offer to make up for miscalculations in after-repaired-value because we have lived here long enough to know exactly what the house should sell for and exactly how much contractors will charge to do all the repairs and upgrades to get the house ready for the retail market.

So, if you have a home in Mid-City that you need to get the most for without doing repairs, and you don’t want to dump any more money into but you want to make sure you get the best price that your house can get in its current condition, call Twin Buys Houses now.  You’ll get the best offer for your house, and you’ll get a quick hassle-free closing without inspections or appraisal delays from banks because we pay cash!  Don’t play the games of the “out-of-town investor buys houses in Mid-City” who has never even came to Louisiana.  They will not understand Mid-City the way we do.

Don’t delay another day…Call Twin Buys Houses today!

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